Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Commission Paintings for Chateau West

So, I was commissioned to paint 3 Monet paintings for a new french restaurant to open 2014 called Chateau West. If you know me , then you know that this is way far from my normal subject matter on canvas. However, I do enjoy a challenge , so w/ that being said , I took on this feat to try and copy a masters works. It was very challenging at times ; but i just kept pushing through. I delivered them this week, and the client was very pleased, so I can relax now, and my friends can stop calling me Tronet'....enjoy the pics.....and go visit Chateau West and have some good french cuisine.

FYI , I attached the pics from which he told me he wanted me to paint as well as my version......

Thursday, January 2, 2014


I was commissioned to paint some custom ornaments by Coty for the Macy's fragrance department. If you purchased a bottle of smell good , you got a custom painted ornament by me. They turned out to be  a hit, so I will definitely be doing these for sale next year.