Thursday, February 14, 2013

Custom Painted Tour Bus Bunk Beds

I was recently commissioned by my good friend Melody Malloy to paint these custom bunk bed to look like a tour bus from the 70's, both interior and exterior. So the concept is this, the interior is to look like your your lying in bed looking out the window of a tour bus and each window I painted has a different scene that your seeing. We thought that the typical iconic scenes would be  Hollywood, London and New York. So in between these windows I painted the old crush velvet curtains , that you would see on these old tour buses. I also gave it a lil 8 track player and speaker fill to the top front. The whole project as you will see is not finished ; but I thought I would give you a lil sneak peak of what I've been up to lately.

Gary and Melody's mack'd out pad was also recently shot by Nashville Lifestyle Magazine, and there is a sneak peek at the kids room w/ my works. So enjoy the scenes of Hollywood Hills, The London Bridge and Manhattan , Don't forget to stay tuned for the finish product soon..........! Thanx for looking

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

KREST ONE Recent Works 2013

custom tee w/ smoke ,skulls and music notes

custom vest, to go w/ existing dance shirt

Live Painting at Macy's for Calvin Klein Euphoria

I just did another event this past weekend for a Valentine's Day Promo to promote Calvin Klein's fragrance Euphoria at Macy's Cool Springs Mall. The event was a success and the sales were great, so if your thinking of a great gift for your loved one this is it.