Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Canvas for Journey's

I was hired to do live painting for the annual Journeys corporate party at Mercy lounge. The event was full of excitement,fun and a hugh success. I did a canvas and souvenir shirts for lots of workers from all over the globe. The CEO has asked me to come to corporate headquarters and do a interior wall for them. I'm delighted for the opportunity to share my works w/ such a brand. I hope i get a chance to do this again next year! Anyway here is a shot of the canvas , I was busy doing the souvenir shirts all night til the end , so I don't have pics of any of them. If you follow my blog and have a pic of your shirt, please post. Thanx enjoy!


I just finished this camo job on this container for a buddy of mine. It's my first time painting true camo as well as on a container. The turnout was a success. If strolling in the woods you can certainly mistake this as the normal background from a distance. Beware you never know who is watching!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


This is a custom interior nursery mural w/ a theme starting from" Around The World In 90 Days ". I started by painting the whole room including ceiling the base color of the sky, then coming in adding my clouds from floor to ceiling, next painting a few hot air balloons and also adding a few real ones on fishing line. We has a great jig saw cutter (thanx Douger and Sunny) carve out these replicas of iconic monuments around the world, and then I painted them. At the final part once again LED'S were added behind the world , and the monuments ; however I didn't get a good shot of this completion w/ the led's on.
Anyway, enjoy the pics.....Mel we did it again! Thanx Cato for your help and creativity as well.