Monday, September 9, 2013

East Side Custom Trash Cans

I just finished these cans for my neighbors over here on the East Side, and They are the first custom cans this side of the river, so I wanna say thanks to Brenda Kay and Teresa for the continued support .

E20 Graffiti

This is a last minute production on the E20 fence Labor Day Weekend. It was really hot and for that reason we kind of rushed the completion of this one; but still I think it looks awesome! Pieces by:


Custom Dallas Cowboy Canvas

I just did this last week for a client's "man cave" . His wife commissioned me to do this for a anniversary present, needless to say he is a die hard dallas fan, so we thought this might be a good luck charm for the opening season game against the Giants. Hell yeah they won!

Graffiti jam @ The End

Here are a few pics from a graffiti jam at The End about a month ago, that my man Hasp put together. I wish I had better pics but oh well , enjoy these few shots.